this film was produced as a part of the exhibition "DIALOG. Anvar Nazyrov - Dschamilia Hergenreder" that took place in Frankfurt, German from 7th-30th september 2018.

idea, camera and edit by Alexandra Vetter. 

sound and music by Gabriel Frank Reyer

subtitles by Michael Mrotzek

The film was sponsored by the city of Frankfurt.


the film encounters stigmata and exclusion within the queer community. A mirror image of society. #NoDiscrimination.


An initiative of Wanderfrieden & Autonomes Queerfeministisches Schwulenreferat GU

produced by Christian (Gönni) Landsmann & Josefine Liebing

concept, idea, directed by: Josefine Liebing, Christian (Gönni) Landsmann and Alexandra Vetter

camera & editing by Alexandra Vetter

casting: Josefine Liebing & Christian (Gönni) Landsmann

light: Stephan Reuß (Traumschläger Kollektiv e.V.)

makeup & costume: Team "Colourblind"

full music production by Tom Liebing/Exx Studios (https://tomliebing.bandcamp.com/)

photos: Parwiz Rahimi


the film was shown at the International Theatre Festival Frankfurt am Main "Sommerwerft" 2018.



The Ginzburg Axenova Collection

In 2015, Antonina Axenova gave her own and the archive of her mother, the writer Evgeniia Ginzburg to the University of Notre Dame, South Bend. The Ginzburg-Axenova collection consists of several parts. The most important part revolves around Evgeniia Ginzburg (1904-1977), who spent 18 years in the Stalin GULAG and who chronicled those years in her memoir translated into English as: Journey into the Whirlwind and Within the Whirlwind. Another part of the collection revolves around Antonina Axenova, who was born in the Kolyma camps and who was adopted by Ginzburg in 1949.


Film by alexandra vetter and mario damolin



"one night in dublin" is a collaborative feature film by four courts productions and dublin filmmaker's collective comprised of a series of short films all set around the premise of a night's couchsurfing in dublin.

directing and producing of the short "flaneur"

camera: inheritant herritage, d4, in too deep, jimbo and shawn



northsiders is a new tv series currently under production. it is written by paul murphy and produced and directed by robert o'meara. northsiders is about trials and tribulations of bismarck doyle, played by karl shiels.

director of photography.


this film gives a behind-the-scenes-look into the production of mario damolin's film "tightrope walk - remembering eugenia ginzburg". the director mario Damolin and the main protagonist Antonina axenova talk about their encounter and working with each other, revealing difficulties and interesting moments..


mario damolin's documetnary shoot in kolyma.

mario damolin is a journalist, writer and documentary film maker. this project is about two women, the soviet writer eugenia guinzburg and her adobted daughter, antonina axenova.  directory assistance and sound.


photos for the newspaper article: "Privates GULag-Museum. Goldrausch auf Stalins Blocksberg"

the  article "Privates GULag-Museum. Goldrausch auf Stalins Blocksberg.

author: mario damolin

published 8. Sept. 2014 in frankfurter allgemeine zeitung


Park in Progress. Stadtlabor unterwegs in den Wallanlagen das Video zur Ausstellung

the documentary was created for the historical museum frankfurt in 2014. it is about participative exhibition "wallanlagen". the film shows the development of the entire exhibition. the audience accompanies the participants from the preparations and the opening to the end of the exhibition.



film by alexandra vetter



this pitch video was created for the exhibition "wallanlagen" of the historical museum frankfurt in 2013.


the video-essay-series "gärtner und ihre gärten" (in collobaration with ljudmila belkin) 

the series was created as part of the exhibition "g-town. wohnzimmer ginnheim." of the historical museum frankfurt in 2013.


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