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On his day off Greg is awakened by a call from his colleague, asking him to come in to the office immediately for a very important job. When trying to get out of bed and comply with the request, Greg fails due to a "small obstacle"... Free interpretation of Kafka's "Metamorphosis"



In 2014 Greg's Transformation was selected for the Open Film Festival Weiterstadt in Germany.


 script, directing and editing: alexandra vetter


greg's transformation

Flaneur is a short film that is a part of a feature film entitled 'One Night in Dublin'.

Protagonist Flan is in his early twenties, educated in the Arts and utterly in love with the poetry and philosophy which brought him to Dublin. Without a job or family support he finally runs out of couches to sleep on. With nowhere to go, Flan wanders through Dublin streets aching to know his value in the broken scales of a country in recession.
His poetic reflections tell a visual story of what love and living means to forgotten young creatives from their aching, internal lives.


This project is a Four Courts Productions and Dublin Filmmaker’s Collective collaboration.


script: katie mcneice

directing and editing: alexandra vetter




"Four strangers wake in a barricaded room. One is a poet, another a slut, the next a vulgar drag queen and the last a mysterious mute. The group’s panic gives way to intrigue as the walls and floor grow mushrooms and leak water. What meaning can survive in a place when culture is irrelevant, language is subjective and history no longer matters? What gender norms survive the horror of a place where nothing has been defined just yet, but life must continue? What follows is a difficult examination of how masculinity and diverse femininity can survive in that ultimately female environment."

Fury and the Bechdel Test by Katie McNeice



script: katie mcneice

directing and editing: alexandra vetter


Chris recieves bad news from his doctor: He has a brain tumor and nothing can be done. As he walks through the streets of Dublin, trying to calm down and to clear his head, he has a number of strange encounters with people who used to play an important role in his life.



script, directing and editing: alexandra vetter




a rubix odyssey

first day

Italian gangster Angelo has come to Dublin to work for an Irish mobster as bodyguard for the boss's daughter. The experienced driver Pat isn't too excited about his new Italian partner. And the boss's spoiled daughter is quite a handfull..


This short film was produced as part of 24hr film challenge of dublin filmmakers collective.


script: Chiara Viale

directing and editing: alexandra vetter


She begins a new life but...

He begins a new life but...

The sea begins...


script, directing, camera and editing: alexandra vetter


2016 Palermo



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